Naperville Heritage Society

Naperville Heritage Society


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The Naperville Heritage Society's mission is: /To foster an awareness and appreciation of buildings, monuments, documents and property of historical importance to Naperville, Illinois, and to seek the preservation, restoration and protection of these by actively engaging the interest of the citizenry, corporations, foundations and governmental units;/To encourage the owners of historic homes, business buildings and churches to maintain these structures in good condition. When such building, landmarks, monuments, documents and property must be disposed of, arrange whenever possible for their preservation at the original or another site; /To create a complex (Naper Settlement) on the Martin-Mitchell Museum property in Naperville, Illinois, made up of original buildings or authentic reproductions thereof, having historical significance to Naperville; /To create and obtain resources, to raise the necessary funds and to do any and all things necessary to carry out and accomplish these various purposes./


Brittany Tepper
Vice President, Organizational Resources

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