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With 25+ years of marketing expertise in various industries, including retail, CPG, travel & leisure, financial, grocery, and internet providers, Alexis has worked with top brands on marketing projects of all sizes from multi-million email subscriber campaigns to localized yard signs and door-to-door sales team materials. Her experience includes targeting Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers via digital and traditional advertising and marketing methods.

The first five years at Marketing Mana allowed Alexis to continue the path of diversified industries, adding to her vast experience: mental health, legal, real estate, nonprofit, education, business intelligence, insurance, coaching, public service, design and construction, events, and more. We plan to continue to help small business owners in any industry, as long as they are willing to do the work.

Originally from Hawai’i, Alexis brings energy into every meeting, cares about her clients’ success, and solves marketing challenges and problems of all sizes. Alexis guides her clients through tough questions, using proven frameworks, as they build the foundation to address strategic marketing challenges and limiting beliefs. Alexis is known to kick an okole or two using SMART goals, structure, and accountability so that small business owners achieve the growth they know is possible. 

Alexis decided 2023 was the year to be 'emerged' and created her first online course: Unforgettable Introductions: Attract your Dream Clients and Network Fearlessly. She also migrated her website to a new host, updated the content and design, created email newsletters, and posted videos to social media on a regular basis. There's more to come, including speaking engagements, so be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.

Aloha, I'm Alexis Skigen Rago and I coach entrepreneurs to Attract your Dream Clients and Love your Small Business. As an established small business owner, you know where you're going, you're just unsure how to get there, or want to get there faster. During our immersive-style sessions, we find clarity in messaging and direction as we address your strategic marketing challenges and limiting beliefs. Own your time and choices, without asking permission. We will help you get unstuck, find the heart in your business and watch the Ripple Effect happen as you find fulfillment in your business and in life.


Alexis Rago, Big Kahuna at Marketing Mana LLC
Alexis Rago
Big Kahuna

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