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Leading mental health and creative arts therapy experts helping clients, businesses and communities around the world on how to become the healthiest, most successful versions of themselves possible - going beyond just talk therapy, to embrace the whole person.

IMPROVing individual clients and business culture through the power of interactive learning, arts-based therapy, training and leadership development.

Workplace Wellness Training, Support & Consultations

We train company leaders, and employees to create workplaces that support a culture of care through online and live in-person, interactive, fun and engaging workshops. No boring power points here!

Our offerings extend beyond the stage to create a lasting impact on mental health in the workplace. By incorporating improvisational principles into your team's daily interactions, you'll witness a shift in dynamics, as trust flourishes and collaboration becomes second nature. Improvisation cultivates empathy, active listening, and effective teamwork—pillars that underpin a harmonious and productive work environment.

Harnessing creativity and psychologically supported research to make your workplace more efficient, engaged, organized and resilient through strategic mental health planning, consultations and support.

Counseling (Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy)

Providing individual, group and family counseling to help support a range of symptoms and diagnoses for every age. Whether you need emotional support, mental health services, individual counseling or something other than talk therapy, we provide you and your family a comprehensive, clinically-focused, professional community whose focus is to reduce stress, revitalize and ensure that you leave our practice more connected to your most meaningful life than when you came in.

Helping clients in the Naperville and Downers Grove area since 2013!

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Featured in CNN, NBC, Chicago Tribune, Reader's Digest and Oprah Magazine


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