Chang Hyun An

Chang Hyun An


Fitness & Exercise, Personal Training


"The greatest power in life is discipline.."

Welcome to American Martial Arts Academy in Naperville.

American Martial Arts Academy(AMAA) provides a positive and disciplined culture and environment where you and your children can grow with physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

AMAA provides leadership lesson for you to have a sense of how to become a good leader. Physical trainings without philosophy can sometimes pose critical problems. We have seen it a lot from TV, especially, on Sports channels. Sports Stars become popular, but a lot of them get in trouble. I think it is because they lack philosophy education along with their training. AMAA training provides meaningful and philosophical trainings while students are having fun during training session.

AMAA teaches and provide educationally well-designed curriculum to learn physical skills that our children, and even adults, can have a sense of achievement and "I can do it" attitude in order for us to have a lifelong confidence which allows overcoming any obstacles that we might confront with our lives.

Leadership is defined as: to have an ability to influence others. AMAA curriculum has been designed to to produce good, positive, and disciplined leaders who can be looked upon by everyone so that we, as Martial Arts Practitioner, can contribute to family and society, and give a positive influence on other people in our society to become better citizens. 

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